How to fill your 2016 diary with guaranteed photography work

By Tim Wright

It's time to start thinking about how you’re going to make 2016 your best, most successful year yet. Whether your goal is to increase your income from your freelance photography work, to pick up experience and skills or to build a strong brand or reputation in your field, you’ll probably be looking to fill next year’s diary with guaranteed photography work.

How will you make it happen?

You need to become a multi-skilled photographer. 

If you were focussing on just one area of photography in 2015 and struggling to fill your diary, is it now time to broaden your net to pick up more business? If you’re interested in developing your skill set and learning to shoot in different environments, now could be the perfect opportunity.

Below, we delve into three of the photography fields with the most available work, so that you can consider them when trying to secure customers and win business for next year. The list is endless, though, and also includes product photography, food photography, photojournalism, family and pet photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography and satellite photography.

1. Wedding photography

Weddings are a lucrative way to fill your diary and gain new experience. Capturing a couple’s special day is high pressure but immensely rewarding, and doing a good job will almost certainly earn you word-of-mouth referrals. Weddings predominantly take place in the spring and summer months but are planned well in advance. If you spread the word early you may be able to secure some bookings for next summer. Assist as a secondary photographer at a friend, family member or contact’s wedding a few times to gain confidence before taking on the role of lead photographer.

2. Conference and event photography

Photographing conferences and events leads to variety in terms of subjects and locations. Sports events, concerts, expositions, carnivals and parties all fall under this umbrella. Start small and work your way up, from local events to larger ones, as you gain experience. The photo booth is becoming increasing popular at both weddings and corporate events so being able to provide this service may also open up additional opportunities for you.

Whatever the event type, networking is going to be your best tool to receive photography commissions and win business throughout 2016. Talk to anyone and everyone you meet about your photography work. Reach out to publications and events organisers; let everyone know what you do.

3. Property photography

Real estate or property photography is a key field for self-employed photographers, because there is plenty of work available at all times of the year. It is similar to architectural or landscape photography in that it entails capturing still life and space. Property photography is also a high volume field of photography, which may involve rushing from job to job rather than staying on location for a day or longer. To get your foot in the door of property photography, approach a business that specialises in property photography, such as FocalAgent, that could will provide you with a constant stream of jobs 

4. Become a second shooter

Build relationships with other photographers through networking at events, on social media, professional communities and photography clubs. Put it out there to these connections that you are happy to assist on projects as a second shooter. By being visible and up front these opportunities are more likely to come your way. You might also find you start getting recommended for jobs these connections are unable to take on themselves.

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