Marketing masterclass for freelance photographers: customer service & networking

By Amy Smith

As a freelance photographer, you’ve got to shout about what you do. In a new monthly series, our Marketing Manager, Amy, will give you the bite-size tips you'll need to create your own personal marketing plan. 

Once you've nailed the three basics of marketing your freelance photography business, it's time to turn your attention to the little extras that'll make you attract and stand out to future clients. We've worked with our hundreds of photographers to define three golden rules for customer service and another three for networking. 


3 customer service mantras

Encourage repeat business 

Think of each job as your opportunity to 'wow' a customer into working with you again and again. Impress them with your professionalism, communication and reliability. Read our 6 tips for building successful relationships with photography clients for more customer service advice.

Ask for referrals 

Peer recommendations are a marketer's dream. If a client has been impressed by your work, see if they'd be able to recommend you to their friends and contacts. Hand them a few business cards to pass on to the right people. 

Treat everyone like your most valued customer 

Your photography can market itself. Get your work done to the highest possible standard every time, so that your client is proud of it and you can show it off on your portfolio. 


3 networking mantras

Design a creative business card 

Services like MOO offer different formats, shapes and finishes. Make sure you go for a customisable one, so you can put one of your hero shots on it.

Always network 

Whether you’re at a social or photography-related gathering, spread the word about what you do and stay in contact with other photographers and potential clients.

Collect business cards 

Keep hold of other people’s business cards so you can send them a follow up note, connect with them via social media and add them to your email lists.

Next month, I'll be back with tips on building the website that markets itself and how to set up an email strategy. Scroll up and subscribe for an update as soon as it's live! And in the meantime, check back to last month's marketing masterclass here

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