Photographer of the month: Pete Campbell

By Thomas Shelley
Pete Campbell Photographer

It’s time for another Photographer of the Month, and our July pick is Pete Campbell. He’s a wedding and portraits photographer turned all-rounder, and loves using his transferrable skills in the property photography field.

We talked to Pete about his approach to generating new photography business, and his top tips for budding property photographers. Read on to find out more!

Shooting for FocalAgent since: November 2014

Location covered: Leeds, Halifax, Wakefield and Bradford

First camera: Canon 40D 

Favourite photographer: I don’t have a favourite, I like loads; pro and amateur!

You're quite the all-rounder. How did you first get into photography?

Like with most photographers, it started as a hobby that got out of control! One photography diploma and many years later, I set up my weddings and portraits photography business because I enjoy working with people so much. It’s a fast-paced industry and you really have to think on your feet, That's a skill I’ve applied and nurtured at FocalAgent.


How do you pick up new photography work for yourself?

As my hobby developed into a career, I was asked to do photography work for friends and colleagues. I built a good reputation for myself that way, and thankfully word of mouth produced a lot of leads and follow on work. Building a website and promoting myself across various social media platforms have helped me get my name out there and reach a larger audience; I use these to target a specific market. I was surprised, initially, at the amount of time I had to dedicate to promoting my business through social media, but the rewards make it completely worthwhile.


What made you decide to become a FocalAgent photographer?

I received a recruitment email from FocalAgent about the opportunity. It looked like an exciting new challenge that I could schedule around my existing photography work, which is mostly during weekends. Working with FocalAgent gives me the chance to use my photography skills to show people’s homes at their very best, and utilise my customer service experience to provide the highest possible standard of service.  


Do you remember your first FocalAgent job?

I’d photographed property before, so I was feeling confident with my photography and it was just a case of making sure I met the specific requirements set by FocalAgent. The floor plans, however, were completely new to me and were quite a challenge to begin with!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some amazing properties through FocalAgent, which has developed my skills as a property photographer and I’m now a dab hand at floor plans.


What are your equipment essentials for a property photography shoot?

Tripod, camera with wide angle lens (10mm), laser measure, compass and smartphone so I can access the FocalAgent portal and my emails thoughout the day. Oh, and I’d be lost (literally) without my sat nav!


If you could give other photographers one piece of advice for working with FocalAgent, what would it be?

It goes without saying that the photographs need to show the property in its best light, but it’s not just about photographs and floor plans. You’re also there to provide the vendor and estate agents a great customer experience. Deliver an excellent all round service and you’ll build a good reputation for yourself and FocalAgent. Solid communication with all parties is an essential part of this role.

All property photography in this post is the work of Pete Campbell. You can see more on his website here

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